MOT Test

If you own a car there <a href="https://www.updoctors click for”>White is a legal requirement to maintain it in a roadworthy condition. Once your car is 3 years cheap MLB jerseys old you must have an annual “health” check called an MOT. This check up is to make sure that your vehicle meets set road safety and environmental standards.

Tower Garage is an approved MOT testing centre and our mechanics are trained and approved by VOSA (Vehicle and wholesale jerseys Operator Services Agency), to carry out the test. Amongst those things checked are the lights, wipers/washers, exhaust Dal emissions, wheels and tyres, seat belts, the horn, windscreen condition, the fuel system, steering and suspension and the vehicle structure for corrosion or damage.


It is important to remember emerge that the MOT certificate says that the car has met the environmental and road safety standards that are required by law at the time of the inspection. It is not a guarantee of the condition of any of the mechanics of the car i.e. Tower the gearbox, clutch or engine. It is also still your responsibility to maintain the car in a roadworthy condition kapp throughout the full length of the certificate.

Although the MOT is often seen as a time of imminent expense for the car-owner, it is important to remember that it is designed for the safety and benefit of wholesale mlb jerseys all road users.

If you need to book your MOT test please phone Obama Tower Garage on 01628 477766, or complete the enquiry form opposite.