Exhaust Pipes

Your car exhaust system helps to route out the spent exhaust gas from the engine. Along the way the exhaust gasses may be used to drive a turbocharger and will pass through a catalytic converter to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The correct functioning of the exhaust system is very important and has a direct affect on engine performance and power.

A car exhaust system consists of several distinct parts – an exhaust manifold or an exhaust header, a front pipe, a catalyst converter, a main muffler or silencer and a tail pipe with an exhaust tip. Problems can occur at any point along the exhaust system and it is important to be aware of the signs that your exhaust may need attention.

It’s easy to joke about a funny noise coming from under the car, but an innocent-sounding rattle could be the first sign of a loose exhaust system. Failure to get the offending bracket tightened risks damaging the now-loose part of the system.

Of course, the classic “popping” sound should alert you to a hole somewhere. If caught early, this type of corrosion doesn’t have to prove too costly.


The salt and chemicals used to clear roads during winter months can play havoc with exhaust systems as it becomes lodged on the underside of your car and accelerates corrosion.  One of the simplest solutions is to ensure that the underside of your car is thoroughly hosed down after the winter.

Modern car exhaust systems can also contain a number of sensors to help regulate emissions. If they detect anything abnormal it’s common to see a warning light in the instrument display. A quick visit to Tower Garage and we will soon be able to diagnose the problem and make recommendation on repair.

If you suspect any problems with your exhaust system please contact us. Don’t always fear the worse – exhaust problems are often quick and easy to rectify.