Neglecting your car servicing schedule is definitely a false economy. The current economic climate has meant many people have had to tighten their belts, but if we skimp on car servicing we could end up paying a lot more for expensive repair work in the future.

Car servicing should be placed as a necessary expense in our household budgets and, as far as is possible, the vehicle’s service schedule should be followed on time.

When you bring your car to Tower Garage for servicing you can be sure it will be well looked after.
We often service cars that have done very little mileage over the course of a year and we carry out 
servicing to reflect this. Rather than simply replace parts due to time (a year), where possible we will check, evaluate, clean and replace parts which still have serviceable life left. 

Our service will not break the bank either, and we will always discuss any big expenses with you before carrying any remedial work out. To enquire about our standard cost for your car please complete the form on the right and we will contact you with our price.

COVID19 and vehicle usage.

As schools reopen & the further lock-down restrictions are lifted, you may need to use your car more often for essential journeys. Vehicles which have not been used frequently can face some common problems with key safety features like brakes, tyres and lights.
If you need to start driving more regularly, whatever your essential journey, make it SAFE:
Checking items like tyres, lights and screenwash could also help to avoid some of the common issues reported during a MOT test.
Although schools are going back, everyone else should continue to stay at home, except for essential journeys.
Getting a professional vehicle safety check:
For added peace of mind, please do think about getting your vehicle checked with our service or a health check. Having a professional check means you know your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.
If you had an MOT exemption last year, you might consider getting an early MOT if you want to go back to your original MOT date. Our workshop will be quieter in April and May, so you are likely to get an appointment of your choice.