Historic Vehicles & the MOT test

Classic car owners may be rejoicing if their car is over 40-years old as they no longer have to have an annual MOT test.
For some it’s great news whereas others might be happy to have their cars professionally inspected every year so they know it’s safe.
At Tower Garage we are keen to promote vehicle safety and owner peace of mind and to that end we are offering to carry out a full MOT test but give you the option to have the test recorded or not.
If you choose to not have the test recorded, we are obligated to charge VAT on the test fee.

If you want peace of mind or have a specific issue you would like checked, please call to discuss your requirements.

We currently look after many classic and interesting cars for individual customers and prestigious vehicle companies and have vast experience & knowledge. 

Below are a few photos of classic cars we have tested. The owners of the cars were shocked to see the corrosion the vehicles failed on. One is a Countash and the other a Porsche.