Diesel Particulate Filter Blocked?

If you have a diesel engine vehicle produced within the last ten years there’s a good chance you have a Diesel Particulate Filter fitted.  In a nutshell these filters stop soot particles leaving the exhaust pipe and doing us and the environment harm.

We all love these things until they go wrong, then we realize how much saving the planet is going to cost us personally! A high percentage of DPF’s can regenerate themselves as the car is driven and without the driver even knowing it’s taking place, but for drivers who generally drive short distances, the regeneration might not be able to take place.

In these instances the first a driver would know about a problem is when a warning light comes on in the dash panel display. At that point the driver should refer to the vehicle manual and follow the instructions to force regeneration. If the regeneration fails for whatever reason the problem will compound with a possible end result of major expense. If the filter becomes totally blocked it may need replacing and that can cost upward of £1000-00!

We have a much cheaper alternative to DPF replacement!

A customer came to us for a second opinion when a VW dealer told her that she would have to buy a new DPF at a cost of £2200-00. They told her that the DPF was blocked beyond regeneration and to a point, they were right. Regenerating a heavily blocked filter can result in a fire due to the high temperatures involved within the system. In this particular case our diagnostic computer warned our technician of possible fire if he proceeded to try and regenerate the filter.

Luckily for our customer we were able to offer an alternative route that after implementing cleared the DPF completely. Total cost to our customer? £250-00 inclusive!

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If you would like further information about DPF’s, go to this site and read what the AA have to say.
http://www.aa-academy.com . Type DPF in the AA search box.